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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Xstreet/Marketplace Bargains and in world shops you HAVE to visit!

Been poking around on marketplace alot , since been back as alot of places i used to know, have gone...... sl moves on and is fluid, they go they come back they transform.............. here is some stuff i found today! 1l    rainbow eyeshadow makeup    free shape
free 8 pack winter inspired skins 
free awesome grey skins by the amazing fricka
more fabulous skins by fricka, pack of 5 natural tones with elvan makeup
free girl skin and shape
Heartsick free pale female skin with heart lips
1l mens bowler hat hair!
2 1l wild coloured female hair pack from deviant kitties bc322 VERY cool and funkygroup hairs free or 1l best free punk hair in game for males and females tekilili mainstore right in front of 1l wall!with hair jewellry and attachments.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Its been over a year.............
I went out and got a RL, with friends i can go to jumble sales with and drink bottles of wine until 2am, i would appologise, to everyone who may have thought i was dead,  but you know what? I was alive, with the sea air on my face and my 8 gig mp3 player egging me along with my very own soundtrack to experience my life!
  However, as per usual SL drags you back, a quick ninja visit to pass someone a particle pig (secondlifes truely most useless vehicle ever made) became an OH you are ALIVE, come to my shop, you need land, have this spot here! And so i was back, building a shoppie by the end of the day! But the coolest thing is I'm next door to 2 amazingly creative godesses who encourage my insane ideas rather than hinder them!I see great things in the future with us plotting the next hair hunt and sharing the strange together!

Yes my shop is still purple (as am I ) and yes I still sell very odd things, because it wouldnt be me otherwise.
I feel a pair of boots on fire with maybe some moving eyes, a hair with many cats and marble eyes ALL coming on soon!

Just remember SL is a place where you can be/make/do anything so why pretend you are a supermodel in a beach house when you could be a fairy for the afternoon and a bunny at night if you so choose!

Next post i do will be smexy free to 10l items as it SHOULD be, but hey , im excited and im back!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

X-street Ends on 6th October!

Sorry for the HUGE gap between posts!
What with moving house, no internet and now fighting for internet, as the new modem extension cable dont come til tomorrow, I have hardly had time to get on!
So no pretty pictures in this post, jsut a big old list of stuff i found while trawling the new-old section of the free stuff on xstreet!

Everything 0L or 1L!
FREE trash shirt and tatoo!
1l cute doll/child dress!
FREE cute pink dress
2 free hairs by curious kitties!
1l deviant kitties fatpack ( more colour packs available for 1l too)
1l green dress/shoe and handbag set
1l black knitted baggy prim shorts
1l flying umbrella!
free bench
free hair in blond and brown
free short hair
free pizza launcher!
free carboard box racer car!
free minicopter for head!
1l picnic/book reading rug with 3 poses
1l heart belly piercing
1l black corset back piercing
1l heart drop earrings ( match the belly ring) check makers store for more jewellry 1l bargains!
free black minidress
free sexy knitted vest
1l sexy goth corset outfit
free grim bros halloween dress
free fatpack of stilletos
1l pumpkin witches hat
1l funky pants
1l LOVE couch
free sofa
cute halloween dress
1l pink hello kittie hoody
1l LONG black flexi hair
1l swept back mens hair
1l space alien stomping boots!
free 1 prim easels
1l multi strand purple necklace
free full perm gatcha machine and scripts!
free unisex deck shoes fatpack
free sexy top and shorts set
free merman outfit and tail
free mermaid outfit and tail
free sweeping broom
1l bangles for men  AND women
1l speckled eye 3 pack
1l evil speckled eye 3 pack
1l 5pack ribbon socks
free unisex short tufty hair
1l 3 complete gothy outfits in one box!
free  blue and red dots dress
free medievil style dress in 4 colours
free 3 pack of grungy tank tops
1l punky mowhawk ( check makers shop for alot more free hairs)
1l sexy black mini skirt
1l sexy fishnet outfit
free cute hair
cute white kiddies dress ( check makers stuff for more 1l bargains)
free tatoo ( check makers stuff for more free ones)
1l black ball gown
free bob hair in ALL lolipopz colour range
free big grey bow accessory
free cute/strange little avatars!
1l relax pillow with box of vinyl
1l seaside shack skybox

Happy Bargain Grabbing!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hair Fair 2010 part 1

It has finally started! The Madness that is Second Lifes biggest hair event!
4 sims with over 100 hair designers offering brand new styles to tempt and titilate!
It will be laggy, it will be hard to get in for the first few days, but its WELL worth it.
(Take all scripted items and aos off and go BALD, it will help you get about much easier)
So many cool hairstyles loads of 0l and 1l boxes for those who cant afford to go mad, and remember every designer has at LEAST 1 style that donates to the charity Wigs for Kids!

Hairs - 1l from the Curious Kitties gift box on hair fair
Skin  and eyes - In the 1l box from The U-neek
Top White Dress - 1l from Katatonic at the Hair fair
Bottom Black Dress - 1l from Purple Moon at Hair Fair

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The U-neek

Is pimping ya own shop allowed in freebee blogs?
Well even if its not, I been skin making and have 2 free versions out now!
The GlowPink @ skin was my 15k gift to fab free group ( should be in past notices)
The Toxic @ skin is a free gift in my subscribo until MONDAY!

Hair is 1l wearable colour sample pack mono also at my shop!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

-Phoenix Rising-

Its a shame but it seems that alot of shops are closing this month.-Phoenix Rising- is one of them and all of their stock is 100l until it closes.I was informed there are were a few old stock items that were 50l and under so went for a look! The undies sets are 1l and in 4 colours and the dress and the other outfit I have blogged are 5-10l.
Scuse the Church/Graveyard but as today is the first day of the Woeful Wednesday 50l event i couldnt resist.

Clothing by -Phoenix Rising- 1l-10l

Skin wearable zombie demo from {Frick}1l 

Hair (tinted green and red) FREE in pack of 3 new texture samples from The Stringer Mausoleum

Shoes High heel rollerskates gift for 15000 fabfree members from CCTV

Eyes from the U-neek 1l in the sun and moon pack old hunt items.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gods of Creativity - Omega Point

I do appreciate those people in Second life who go that extra mile to create a space or object that totally transforms your existance. In a world where so many look alike and strive for the real, those who create a fantastical world make my heart sing.
Sweetlemon is one such person.
Not only does she have some of the wildest wearable creations, she has put her heart and soul into designing both Omega Point and its sister sim Alpha Point.These are feasts on the eyes and shes packed in some incredibley well crafted interactive areas, all worthy of a picture.

She has big brown boxes of FREE items in her main shop, one of them including the fabulous Elephant Outfit!
Elephant hair, shoes, shoulder pads and skirt which are marvellous!
1l Sci fi helmets which are both fun and funky plus 10l illuminated prim skirts.
Oh and until 15th August for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt she has Forest Fire Hair!
I bow to her greatness and look forward to seeing what other things explode from her mind.


Skin worn in all pictures 10l from {FRICK}

All the pictures were taken at Omega Point and Alpha Point sims