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Sunday, 22 January 2012


Its been over a year.............
I went out and got a RL, with friends i can go to jumble sales with and drink bottles of wine until 2am, i would appologise, to everyone who may have thought i was dead,  but you know what? I was alive, with the sea air on my face and my 8 gig mp3 player egging me along with my very own soundtrack to experience my life!
  However, as per usual SL drags you back, a quick ninja visit to pass someone a particle pig (secondlifes truely most useless vehicle ever made) became an OH you are ALIVE, come to my shop, you need land, have this spot here! And so i was back, building a shoppie by the end of the day! But the coolest thing is I'm next door to 2 amazingly creative godesses who encourage my insane ideas rather than hinder them!I see great things in the future with us plotting the next hair hunt and sharing the strange together!

Yes my shop is still purple (as am I ) and yes I still sell very odd things, because it wouldnt be me otherwise.
I feel a pair of boots on fire with maybe some moving eyes, a hair with many cats and marble eyes ALL coming on soon!

Just remember SL is a place where you can be/make/do anything so why pretend you are a supermodel in a beach house when you could be a fairy for the afternoon and a bunny at night if you so choose!

Next post i do will be smexy free to 10l items as it SHOULD be, but hey , im excited and im back!

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  1. wow! so glad you are back! We all need to get wild once in a while, and what better way than to be U-neek? *laughs and howls at the full moon!