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Saturday, 14 August 2010

The U-neek

Is pimping ya own shop allowed in freebee blogs?
Well even if its not, I been skin making and have 2 free versions out now!
The GlowPink @ skin was my 15k gift to fab free group ( should be in past notices)
The Toxic @ skin is a free gift in my subscribo until MONDAY!

Hair is 1l wearable colour sample pack mono also at my shop!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

-Phoenix Rising-

Its a shame but it seems that alot of shops are closing this month.-Phoenix Rising- is one of them and all of their stock is 100l until it closes.I was informed there are were a few old stock items that were 50l and under so went for a look! The undies sets are 1l and in 4 colours and the dress and the other outfit I have blogged are 5-10l.
Scuse the Church/Graveyard but as today is the first day of the Woeful Wednesday 50l event i couldnt resist.

Clothing by -Phoenix Rising- 1l-10l

Skin wearable zombie demo from {Frick}1l 

Hair (tinted green and red) FREE in pack of 3 new texture samples from The Stringer Mausoleum

Shoes High heel rollerskates gift for 15000 fabfree members from CCTV

Eyes from the U-neek 1l in the sun and moon pack old hunt items.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gods of Creativity - Omega Point

I do appreciate those people in Second life who go that extra mile to create a space or object that totally transforms your existance. In a world where so many look alike and strive for the real, those who create a fantastical world make my heart sing.
Sweetlemon is one such person.
Not only does she have some of the wildest wearable creations, she has put her heart and soul into designing both Omega Point and its sister sim Alpha Point.These are feasts on the eyes and shes packed in some incredibley well crafted interactive areas, all worthy of a picture.

She has big brown boxes of FREE items in her main shop, one of them including the fabulous Elephant Outfit!
Elephant hair, shoes, shoulder pads and skirt which are marvellous!
1l Sci fi helmets which are both fun and funky plus 10l illuminated prim skirts.
Oh and until 15th August for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt she has Forest Fire Hair!
I bow to her greatness and look forward to seeing what other things explode from her mind.


Skin worn in all pictures 10l from {FRICK}

All the pictures were taken at Omega Point and Alpha Point sims


There are designers who have been here for years, who i still always go and see what they are upto.
Canimal is one of them, she always made great clothing and was one of the few places to get great alternative and funky clothing in the beginning.
She has a great many items for free at her main store on a cart round the back of the tattoo shop, opposite the tent! Go check em out you may find something fun!

All Clothing from Canimal FREE

Boots FREE ladies pirate boots from Duh!

Skin FREE group gift at !Imabee

Hair FREE for Crazy Arse Hair Hunt (available until 15th August) from Grim Bros.

Home again!

Was plowing through Xstreet to find some undiscovered bargains and came across a few cunning little pieces I thought would work.
Dressed myself up, skated over to FRICK for a skin , and faffed about for ages wondering where I should go for an apt picture that would show off my fabulous new high heel rollar skates!
There are places in this mad and  crazy world that make your brains and eyes go ping.
Heaven4d is one of em for me. If you have never been,  its kinda like being in the belly of Bladerunner with all the colours turned up to max running against/with/through you!
I would heartily recommend it as one of Secondlife's miracles.A place I had forgotten all about, which was a shame!
Cos being there feels like home............... maybe I could rent a little appartment there, or maybe a room, just above the bar or the gaming arcade and watch the world go by in glorious technicolour.

Skin by {Frick} 1l wearable sample skin (she has 4 in her shop all grey/slate tone)
(cogoo) kimono bikini FREE (top worn)
MONROES SL XCHANGE SHOP ONLY skull pants and 2 tshirts  for 1l (trousers worn)
A&A Bo Hair Berries (braided flexi afro rasta style) Xstreet Special Offer Only 1l

High heel Roller Shoes, Fabfree 15k member gift from CCTV Giant FREE

Cyberbooster v.3.0_gon made_ lightline color change_S by Tigerclaw

Pictures taken in HEAVEN4D, mind the elephants when ya land!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pixeldoll Pool Poser.

Thought I should post a pair of Pixeldolls free swimming costumes, so tped over to their main shop and posed by the massive pool for a bit!
Its so nice to have a proper swimming costume and not a bit of dental floss that splits ya difference!

Swimming costumes both free in the foyer (there are 2 others as well)

Drow Skin FREE in a pack of 5 from The Plastik in a black box, on a bridge in BILL sim

Hair colour changable FREE in a multipack of 4 styles from Cri-Cri

Stockings FREE from *SHEER*

Boots  FREE TC-G boots 1.0 from Tigerclaw

All Dolled Up

Somedays I am not myself!

Today it would seem that my head has grown, my eyes are massive and i yet i still have a mowhawk, which is good!

So the hunt for dollish amusements and clothing is on!

Doll Avatar with big eyes and skin  *A&S Dolly Head No1* FREE

All clothing at Kiri Style either FREE or 2l an outfit, i forget which! 

All Punky Hairs FREE from Black Maria 

Shoes FREE gift from the Fabulously Free group from Pixieplumb Flanagan
(baby monkey) should be in past notices


Deathgrip outfit and Living Dead Shoes FREE

Kill Barbie outfit and Pink Plaid Street Walkers FREE

Barefoot Asian dress FREE

Barefoot Jewel dress FREE

Sn@tch is having a 50% off sale atm, which is bloody marvellous.

However it also has a bargain basement where lots of shoes and clothes are FREE

All clothes and shoes- Free at Sn@tch

Hair - Free from Rotten Toe for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt until 15th August

Skins - Free from Less Than 3 ( in a big box with SO much stuff in) in corner of the room on the table

Laid Back

After a long day of faffing, ferreting about and photographing........its good to just lie back, floating on a lilypad and look at the sky!

Hair - Free from Miasnow for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Available until August 15th

Boots - Free pink uggs from Tigerclaw

Dress and stockings - 2l from Kiri Style K*S ONE-PIECE62Klimt white BOX

Skin - Free from Xaida in box with 6 others.(everything else in the shop is 10l)

Pottering About!

Top KOJI TOYODA. Free Tops A
Top - KOJI TOYODA. Free Tops C2
Top - KOJI TOYODA. Free Tops C

Some days I jsut like to go wander about sl, especially on Japanese sims and find places I have never heard of or seen before.
There are things you would never see, unless you potter about.

All tops - KOJI TOYODA Free here

All Skins - Elfenground there 10 free skins in total here, 4 colours with various designs

Hair by in The Crazy Arse Hair hunt available until 15th August FREE

Eyes 1l from The u-neek in the old Dark Katz hunt gift eyeball

1l painted hotpants from +IROLLIC+

1l unisex engineer boots from Edge Graphica

PP. Ultra kitty free earings pack in silver and gold

Photos taken at Omega Point in a little room half way up the stairs.

.::Mother Goose's::. Free and 1l skins part 6!

Veronica skin
red magoo skin
Momo skin
Magoo (2) skin
lilith skine apple

All skins from .::Mother Goose's::. and are either 1l or free in one of the 14 lucky boards at the shop!

Eyes By The U-neek in the 1l Sun and Moon hunt prize eyes pack

Hair by Black Maria for FREE
+BM+ LIGHTNING Black/Red (2)

.::Mother Goose's::. Free and 1l skins part 5

little sylvia e2
little sylvia e1
ling skin 1l in a box outside the cheapy hut!
leoni hurt lb free from lucky boards
kara skine04

gerda lb free skin from the lucky board

All skins from .::Mother Goose's::.

Eyes By The U-neek in the 1l Old Odd eyes pack

Hair by Burning Chrome as part of the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2 and is FREE until 15th August!

.::Mother Goose's::. Free and 1l skins part 4

kids (HARU) skine_001 free from a lucky board in the kiddies section.
Josephine skin
jin skin 1l on the floor outside the cheapy hut!
jessica skin
gemma skin 1l

Emma skine
Ellen skin

All skins from .::Mother Goose's::. either 1l or FREE

Eyes By The U-neek in the 1l Old Cats eyes pack

Hair by Burning Chrome as part of the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2 and is FREE until 15th August!

.::Mother Goose's::. Free and 1l skins part 3

troublemaker 3 skin 1l in the cheapy shed!

troublemaker2 skin 1l in the cheapy shed!
troublemaker1 skin 1l in the cheapy shed!
soy09 skin
rebecca skine
lewrance lb skin free from the lucky boards
lewrance 2 lb2 skin , free from the lucky boards
dirty dolly skine

All skins from .::Mother Goose's::.

Eyes By The U-neek in the 1l Techno eyes pack

Hair by Burning Chrome as part of the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2 and is FREE until 15th August!