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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Xstreet/Marketplace Bargains and in world shops you HAVE to visit!

Been poking around on marketplace alot , since been back as alot of places i used to know, have gone...... sl moves on and is fluid, they go they come back they transform.............. here is some stuff i found today! 1l    rainbow eyeshadow makeup    free shape
free 8 pack winter inspired skins 
free awesome grey skins by the amazing fricka
more fabulous skins by fricka, pack of 5 natural tones with elvan makeup
free girl skin and shape
Heartsick free pale female skin with heart lips
1l mens bowler hat hair!
2 1l wild coloured female hair pack from deviant kitties bc322 VERY cool and funkygroup hairs free or 1l best free punk hair in game for males and females tekilili mainstore right in front of 1l wall!with hair jewellry and attachments.

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