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Thursday, 12 August 2010

-Phoenix Rising-

Its a shame but it seems that alot of shops are closing this month.-Phoenix Rising- is one of them and all of their stock is 100l until it closes.I was informed there are were a few old stock items that were 50l and under so went for a look! The undies sets are 1l and in 4 colours and the dress and the other outfit I have blogged are 5-10l.
Scuse the Church/Graveyard but as today is the first day of the Woeful Wednesday 50l event i couldnt resist.

Clothing by -Phoenix Rising- 1l-10l

Skin wearable zombie demo from {Frick}1l 

Hair (tinted green and red) FREE in pack of 3 new texture samples from The Stringer Mausoleum

Shoes High heel rollerskates gift for 15000 fabfree members from CCTV

Eyes from the U-neek 1l in the sun and moon pack old hunt items.

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