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Monday, 9 August 2010

Why am I doing this?

There are many blogs out there, but can't say I've found any that show the odder stuff in sl for the huge princely sum of 10l or under.
Maybe I look in the wrong places, but with the incredible creators making wild and wicked things, I am trying to find stuff that EVERYONE can get and can afford!
It may not be to everyones taste, but I have never been one to follow the pack, more of a lone soul trudging this place for utter madness to escape the real world, not emulate it.

So my first post is to explain this............ that the wild and crazy is out there!
People DO want it and look for a bit of creativeness that makes you go WOW or how did they make that or in some cases WHY did they do that?
Thats the reason I am still in SL after almost 6 years.
I wanna see stuff that makes my mind go PING.
Will try my hardest to never post anything over 10l and always available to who ever is game to try something different.I will endevour to find the FREE and the funky bargains, which is something I have always tried to do!
NUUNA SKINS Pink stripe skins for FREE 3 shades with 2 makeup options
Male Black and Green Skin FREE
VANITY HAIR French Connection Lime 1l
BLACK MARIA +BM+ Mohawk_H044_Green
Edge Graphica Diseased Eyes 19 colour pack for FREE used in both pictures
Tigerclaw Funky Orange Jacket for FREE
Tigerclaw TC-boots 2009 Nc_olive-16.5 gift no 5 for FREE
Tigerclaw tigerclaw leather jacket spine 5.0 (black jacket) for FREE
Sintimacy Let it Rock Set for FREE - black pants and top worn (pants shortened in appearance)

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  1. Oh I love this Treebee and your kind of blog is so needed you have the strangest and funnest taste in things ever and I love how your eyes light up when you find a freee beee bargain.... Treebee freebbeee.. You rock girly and I will definately be checking this out adding you to my faves and showing you the finds I find like no others... will keep you in mind so you can share with the SL world!