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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gods of Creativity - Omega Point

I do appreciate those people in Second life who go that extra mile to create a space or object that totally transforms your existance. In a world where so many look alike and strive for the real, those who create a fantastical world make my heart sing.
Sweetlemon is one such person.
Not only does she have some of the wildest wearable creations, she has put her heart and soul into designing both Omega Point and its sister sim Alpha Point.These are feasts on the eyes and shes packed in some incredibley well crafted interactive areas, all worthy of a picture.

She has big brown boxes of FREE items in her main shop, one of them including the fabulous Elephant Outfit!
Elephant hair, shoes, shoulder pads and skirt which are marvellous!
1l Sci fi helmets which are both fun and funky plus 10l illuminated prim skirts.
Oh and until 15th August for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt she has Forest Fire Hair!
I bow to her greatness and look forward to seeing what other things explode from her mind.


Skin worn in all pictures 10l from {FRICK}

All the pictures were taken at Omega Point and Alpha Point sims

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