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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Home again!

Was plowing through Xstreet to find some undiscovered bargains and came across a few cunning little pieces I thought would work.
Dressed myself up, skated over to FRICK for a skin , and faffed about for ages wondering where I should go for an apt picture that would show off my fabulous new high heel rollar skates!
There are places in this mad and  crazy world that make your brains and eyes go ping.
Heaven4d is one of em for me. If you have never been,  its kinda like being in the belly of Bladerunner with all the colours turned up to max running against/with/through you!
I would heartily recommend it as one of Secondlife's miracles.A place I had forgotten all about, which was a shame!
Cos being there feels like home............... maybe I could rent a little appartment there, or maybe a room, just above the bar or the gaming arcade and watch the world go by in glorious technicolour.

Skin by {Frick} 1l wearable sample skin (she has 4 in her shop all grey/slate tone)
(cogoo) kimono bikini FREE (top worn)
MONROES SL XCHANGE SHOP ONLY skull pants and 2 tshirts  for 1l (trousers worn)
A&A Bo Hair Berries (braided flexi afro rasta style) Xstreet Special Offer Only 1l

High heel Roller Shoes, Fabfree 15k member gift from CCTV Giant FREE

Cyberbooster v.3.0_gon made_ lightline color change_S by Tigerclaw

Pictures taken in HEAVEN4D, mind the elephants when ya land!

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  1. omg I have them rollarskates in my inventory and had no clue.... YAY mother f%$% YAY,,,,, thank you Oh Freeebeee Goddess