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Monday, 9 August 2010

.::Mother Goose's::. Free and 1l skins part 1

Renata 001 skin on wall inside the cheapy shed!
Mary Skin, 1l inside the cheapy shed, for those who are a little bit accident prone!
Margaret Skin
Donna Skin, 1l on wall inside the cheapy hut
Daisy skin, i THINK this one is a lucky board prize but may be wrong.
Candlip skin
becky lb_001 1l skin on wall of shed!
Alice skin 1l on floor outside the cheapy hut!

.::Mother Goose's::. has a huge amount of skins for free or 1l a pop.

All the skins in this and the next few posts are either in the 1l section, which is a hut full of bargains OR from the 14 lucky boards dotted around the area.

Hair used in ALL the pictures is again FREE from Heart Softens and is called
.+*HS*+. Thank you for Coming Gift Hair ::THAX::, in a choise of 7 colours but this one is ash blond.
Edge Graphica Diseased Eyes 19 colour pack for FREE , the white ones are used in all pictures

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  1. So glad to see you doing this, we need MORE alternative bloggers!